Gillespie Diesel Services (Pty) Ltd (GDS) provides alternative power solutions to both South African and African markets requiring off grid or backup power. GDS design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of power generating machinery, servicing a variety of market sectors which include the commercial, corporate, industrial and mining industries.

Founded at the start of the new millennium, GDS has over the past decade built up an uncontested industry reputation, which echoes the Group’s irreplaceable experience and high standard of product quality.Generators are locally assembled at our Isando factory to meet client specifications and SABS standards.

In 2008, 51% of the GDS Group was acquired to form part of the power generating division for JSE listed company, Amalgamated Electronics Corporation Ltd (Amecor). GDS has since benefitted from complementary Group synergies and added exposure to South Africa’s diverse market requirements. The Group’s ability to adapt alternative sources of power to varying infrastructures and architectural designs has allowed GDS to work in all industries requiring stand-by power.GDS also offer full maintenance plans and service level agreements (SLA) through our allied sister companies within the Amecor Group.

Sister companies to the GDS Group include:  

Amalgamated Electronic Corporation LTD (Amecor) is a South African Group of companies specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of leading brands within electronic security, alternative energy, and power optimization industries.Our long-term relationship with customers has a proven record of business development for both our internal subsidiaries and external clients. Amecor is committed to value-adding sustainable development, and moves forward with every intention of creating greater growth and prosperity.

FSK Electronics (Pty) Ltd forms part of Amecor’s electronic security and monitoring division. Companies throughout Africa use FSK technology for data transmission between monitored sites and responding control centres. In addition to FSK’s RF (Radio Frequency) & GSM (General Systems Mobile) based technologies, the Group design, develop and manufacture exclusive electronic security equipment, which extends from multifaceted remote controllers, to guard monitoring units, and enhanced control room facilities.

Sabre Radio Networks (Pty) Ltd is a RF and GSM based network used to enable the transmission of data between monitored sites, control rooms, and individual network users, via radio frequency, GSM (General Systems Mobile) and internet based protocol. All services offered by Sabre Radio Networks are tailored to meet our customers’ particular requirements, allocating a specific amount of network bandwidth dependent on the nature of monitoring services required.