Liebert NX

Moving towards hi-tech and more sophisticated devices, systems, networks & applications is the constant endeavor and natural business phenomenon in a B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) environment. The Digital Economy keeps giving birth to new needs (Wireless Fidelity Hot Spots, popularly called WiFi Hot Spots or web-enabled home appliances or convergence of Information Technology and Telecommunication to give birth to InfoCom and the likes). As we move forward, the dependence of your businesses or processes on these hitech sophisticated applications grows significantly. Mantaining the “Continuity” of these applications, therefore, becomes pivotal to the success of your businesses. The key contributor of this “Continuity” is “Hi-Availability of Quality Power”. In other words, your business success is a function of “Hi-Availability of Quality Power”, in today’s world and the years to come.

Liebert NX (with true on-line double conversion topology) is carefully designed to appropriately address this “Hi- Availability of Quality Power” need of the B2B and B2C business. Technological advancements, simplicity of global usability and value innovations have been delicately converged in Liebert NX to offer you the highest possible “availability-to-price” (ATP) ratio to the fullest possible advantage for the users. Liebert NX, therefore, signifies Next Generation, Hi- Avaibility of Quality Power, Digital Green UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to provide you with complete value taking the best possible care of your 3600 needs (from financial to application & business needs and from operational to intangible, latent & anticipated needs). That’s why Liebert NX is a best-in-class value-innovated global solution. Liebert NX comes in four popular ratings: 30, 40, 60 & 80 kVA (400V, 50/60 Hz). All these UPS’s are of identical dimensions [600 mm (W) x 825 mm (D) x 1600 mm (H)]. Liebert NX (30 & 40 kVA) is designed to house optional battery bank within the UPS cabinet for a specified run time. For your requirements beyond that specified run time (through the in-built battery), external optional battery cabinets are available to address your needs. Liebert NX (60 & 80 kVA) uses external optional battery cabinet/s to meet your run time requirement.