Liebert GXT

Uninterruptible Power in a Compact System for X-treme Density Environments.

With it’s compact 6U format and best-inclass set of features the new Liebert GXT2 10kVA from Emerson Network Power is the ideal solution for the power protection of Blade Servers, Pizza Box Servers, Voice over IP devices, and other Data Center or Network Closet equipment in standard 19” Rack cabinets.

Capable of redundant power confi guration the Liebert GXT2 10kVA becomes a modular and scalable solution that adapts to your changing needs. You can use it in 1+1 or 2+1 confi guration with up to 20kVA to supply clean power to your applications and 10kVA ready in case a critical condition occurs, or you can use it to its full power up to 30kVA with 3 modules in parallel.

A high-performance UPS with proven reliability, custom confi gurability, hot-swap internal batteries and extensive run-time options in a compact rack design, the Liebert GXT2 features and fl exibility make it the optimal solution for your server & data room, networking and telecom applications that require reliable, continuous quality power.

The Liebert GXT2 10kVA Rack is part of the Emerson Network Power Adaptive Power and Cooling Architecture and is designed for Liebert X-treme Solutions.