Liebert Hipulse-E

The increased sophistication of critical & hyper critical applications in today's digital world and the enhanced dependence of your business on such applications have led Emerson Network Power to design Liebert Hipulse E UPS to provide you high availability of quality power.

Having extensively captured the customer needs and thoroughly mapped the same through 360° value analysis, Hipulse E has been carefully designed to deliver high value: investment ratio.

The proven performance & reliability of Liebert’s Hipulse series, combined with customer delight and value added features have made Liebert Hipulse E the obvious choice across the globe.

From reliability to availability, from scalability to redundancy, from user-friendliness to maintainability, from parallelibility to connectivity, from investment protection to lower cost of ownership, whichever value you need, Liebert Hipulse E addresses them all efficiently and effectively, better than the best in the industry.

Liebert Hipulse E, as one of the prime members of our array of power quality solutions, is providing the 360° value across the globe for almost all the conceivable critical applications, some of which are listed below for your ready references.

Liebert Hipulse E (with true on-line double conversion topology) comes in eight popular ratings, ranging from 120 to 800 kVA (400V, 50/60 Hz). Carefully picked up featureset to address appropriate customer value is one of the prime objectives to achieve high “availability-to-price” (ATP) ratio.