Monitoring Applications

Regular check-ups and maintenance on standby power units will inevitably prolong the life of machinery and create optimum usage of alternative power supplies. At PDS we offer monitoring applications, which enable users to be informed of the fuel status, service intervals, and ignition or shut down of each unit installed.

Control and off site monitoring applications include:

  • Internet protocol network interfacing (picture of the ipad)
  • SMS alerts
  • Remote alarms

 Fuel level and Status monitoring

  1. The generator will be installed as a primary/secondary source of electricity.
  2. In the event of a power failure, the generator will automatically start up and take the load within 30 seconds to allow the engine to heat up.
  3. A GSM modem that is fitted onto the generator, will send out an SMS alert to 3 pre-programmed cell numbers informing them that there has been a power failure and if the generator is running normally, it will give the message “Generator Healthy”
  4. Should the generator be running for an extended period of time and diesel is running low, an SMS will sent with the alarm “Low fuel”.
  5. If there is a problem with the generator such as low water, oil, overheating, alarm alert will be “Fail to Start”
  6. Once power is restored an SMS will be sent confirming “ Mains Healthy”