GDS design, manufacture and assemble a wide range
of power generating machinery
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GDS ensure clients are given full control through
user friendly controller interface
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GDS is proud to be associated with the many successful generator installations
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Gillespie Diesel Services (GDS) 


Providing industries with the power to face the energy crisis

GDS has been providing stand-by-power utilities to our valued client base for over a decade.  Our qualified panel of engineers are dedicated to the meticulous design, manufacture and assembly of state of the art diesel generators.


GDS products may be utilised as either primary or back-up sources of power:

Back Up: Use the national power grid as a primary source of power with GDS products providing stand-by / back-up solutions during power outages and emergencies, or

Primary: Use GDS power solutions as a primary energy source independent of the national power grid. In addition to the advantage of 100% uptime, clients are given the option of an outright purchase, or product rental agreement under flexible contract terms sensitive to client budget requirements.